Ryan Hreljac
Founder, Ryan's Well Foundation

At 23 years old, Ryan Hreljac is the founder of the Ryan’s Well Foundation, an organization committed to delivering access to safe water and empowering people of all ages to make a difference in the world. Amazingly, Ryan’s journey began at age six when he was shocked to learn that people in Africa were dying because they didn’t have clean water. Ryan took it upon himself to raise money by doing chores and public speaking, and with the support of his family, friends and community, built a well in Uganda. Since then, Ryan’s Well has helped build 878 wells and 1120 latrines, bringing safe water and improved sanitation to 823,238 people in 16 countries. Ryan studied International Development and Political Science and graduated from the University of King’s College in Halifax. He serves on the board of the Ryan’s Well Foundation and continues to speak around the world on water issues and volunteerism.


Ryan's Well
Podcast #37 — Aired July 24, 2014

With a dream and determination, even a child can make a big difference in the world! On this week’s episode of BetterWorldians Radio, we’ll talk about how a six year old set out to solve a problem and changed hundreds of thousands of lives in the process. Our guest this week is Ryan Hreljac, the founder of Ryan’s Well. Ryan will discuss how, as a six year old, he set out to build a well in a village in Uganda. Ryan will tell listeners how that dream turned into Ryan’s Well, a Canadian non-profit that has now provided clean water for more than 800,000 people. Tune in every week to hear new guests share how they are making the world a better place and to learn how you can become a BetterWorldian!


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