Museum of the Bible
Podcast #68 — Aired September 24, 2015

A new museum in Washington, D.C. aims to bring the Bible to life. Our guest this week is Michael McAfee, Director of Bible Engagement at the Museum of the Bible. He’ll tell listeners how the museum will provide guests with an immersive and personalized experience as they explore the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible when it opens in 2017.

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Michael McAfee
Director of Bible Engagement, Museum of the Bible

As Director of Bible Engagement, Michael McAfee serves as a convener for nonprofit organizations, faith leaders and other institutions that join with the museum in strategic partnership. Through special events, public speaking engagements, writing and other marketing opportunities, McAfee develops brand relationships with key groups and individuals on the museum’s behalf. McAfee also helps to create online tools and resources for organizations to learn more about Museum of the Bible initiatives. He oversees a team of marketing specialists who support the mission of the museum through various communications channels and platforms. He first joined Museum of the Bible in 2013 to help promote the Green Collection, one of the world’s largest private collections of rare biblical texts and artifacts, and was named director of Bible engagement in 2015. Today McAfee speaks to audiences around the country as an awareness ambassador for Museum of the Bible. McAfee earned a bachelor’s degree from