Dr. Martin Rossman
Author, The Worry Solution

Dr. Martin Rossman is the author of The Worry Solution. Dr. Rossman is a clinical instructor at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, the founder of the healing mind dot org, and the author of Fighting Cancer from Within and Guided Imagery for Self-Healing. Dr. Rossman is a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader who has presented more than 600 invited lectures, keynote lectures and workshops. His national PBS special, The Healing Mind, is airing nationally in 2016.


The Worry Solution
Podcast #112 — Aired November 28, 2016

Do you suffer from constant worry? Dr. Martin Rossman says worry is the most common form of suffering in the United States, but his new book, The Worry Solution, can help. This week on BetterWorldians Radio Dr. Rossman will explain the difference between “good worry” from “bad worry” and will help listeners figure out how to take action for a life of less worry.


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