Joel Worrall
CTO, CURE International

Joel Worrall is the Chief Technology Officer for CURE International. He and his team spend their time building online products and experiences that support CURE's work to heal kids with treatable conditions throughout the world. Joel is a passionate advocate for the application of software business principles and tools to the nonprofit sector. Learn more about CURE and the kids they serve via or download


Doing Good in the Real and Virtual Worlds
Podcast #1 — Aired October 10, 2013

Join us for the opening episode of BetterWorldians Radio, the show that helps Bring Out the BetterWorldian in Everyone! This week we will be talking about Doing Good in the Real and Virtual worlds. With websites, games, and mobile apps everywhere today, we seem to hear about the virtual world wherever we go. But did you know that the virtual world can be used to make a difference in the real world? Our guest this week is Joel Worrall, CTO of CURE International, the largest provider of reconstructive surgeries for children in the developing world. Hear about the good work CURE does everyday to help children with disabilities and how technology advances their mission. Call in to talk to Joel and learn how you can make a difference for CURE Kids. Tune in every week to hear new guests share how they are making the world a better place and to learn how you can become a BetterWorldian!


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