Bob Roth
CEO, David Lynch Foundation

Bob Roth is one of the most experienced and sought-after meditation teachers in America. Over the past 40 years, Bob has taught Transcendental Meditation to many thousands of people and authored an authoritative book on the subject, fittingly entitled, Transcendental Meditation, which has been translated into 20 languages. Bob currently serves as the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity which has brought meditation to over 500,000 inner-city youth in underserved schools in 35 countries, to veterans and their families who suffer from post-traumatic stress, and women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. Bob also directs the Center for Leadership Performance, another nonprofit, which is bringing meditation to Fortune 100 companies, government organizations, and nonprofit charities. Bob is the host of the SiriusXM radio show, "Success Without Stress" and has spoken about meditation to industry leaders at such gatherings as Google Zeitgeist,


The David Lynch Foundation
Podcast #99 — Aired July 18, 2016

How can Transcendental Meditation change lives? This week on BetterWorldians Radio, we’re talking with Bob Roth, the CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, a nonprofit that helps to prevent and eradicate trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations through promoting widespread implementation of Transcendental Meditation. Roth will explain how the foundation is helping reduce stress for victims of abuse, children in need, and veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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